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About New Life Sciences

The foundation of New Life Sciences success lies in the hands of the top formulators and scientists from around the world. New Life Sciences was founded on the premise of putting people first by offering the ability to enhance the health of millions of people. New Life Sciences believes in rewarding those who help others. In doing so, they have created the only compensation plan of its kind to create the ultimate income stream to those who introduce others to our products.

Our Executive Team is comprised of a panel of experts who understand that to be successful, you have to recognize that people come first. They are experts in their field of running a business and binging to market the highest quality products on the market today. Each executive serves with passion, excitement, and enthusiasm, which are also attributes to success.


Rick Creighton - President & Co Founder
Rick has spent 20 plus years in the Direct Selling industry as a distributor, building teams. His largest team exceeded 250,000 distributors. He is also a former owner of a Direct Sales Company with sales in over 70 countries. Due to his vast experience he has consulted both startups and established companies. Rick has been noted for his incredible ability to create high-level compensation plans that are recognized for changing the industry.

Due to his experience and knowledge, he is the creator of the New Life Sciences compensation plan that is not only patent pending, but is once again changing the game. This compensation plan is the first of its kind to simplify, making it possible to accomplish the higher level ranks and to participate in the company wide pools.

Darren Holmes, Ph.D. - Chief Scientific and Operations Officer
Dr. Holmes possesses a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Organic Chemistry. He has been serving the scientific community for over 27 years in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical device, and consumer products.

He has extensive experience in conducting research and new product launches in highly regulated industries and has been an integral leader in research projects and product launches for small privately held companies as well as global companies like Pall Corporation, Takeda Oncology, and Johnson and Johnson. He has an extensive publication record with over 17 peer-reviewed articles and is co-inventor of 17 patents.

Richard L. Dean, Sr. - President & CEO of Asian Operations

Mr. Dean serves as CEO for New Life Sciences Ltd., Japan, and has been in the MLM industry for over 35 years. He was well known in the USA as an MLM consultant and a partner-owner of Transec International. He also served as a personal consultant for some of the top 100 global MLM's. Mr. Dean is fluent in Japanese and has 25 years of on-ground experience with Japan compliance, business, customs, and promotion.

Mr. Dean's company has successfully established in Japan over 4-dozen MLM companies from the USA, Canada, and Europe, and has consulted for most of the major MLMs currently operating in Japan and other Pacific Rim markets.

"While developing New Life Sciences, Ltd, we're driven to maintain the very best customer service and the highest quality, cutting edge products we could offer the consumer. We believe that quality and effectiveness of our products will become a long-term sustainable business for our affiliate family. We are proud to be part of a new level in network business with New Life Sciences".

Anja Gesell-Semmler - VP of European Logistics

A native European born in Germany, Anja had the opportunity to live and work in the United States for a good part of her life. With both of her parents involved in network marketing, she has a very strong understanding both of how the industry functions, as well as how different cultures and people build successful organizations.

This coupled with her professional background as an Administrative State Official in Europe has allowed her to build the relationships and learn the intricacies of legal business and product registration.

Home Products Testimonies Company Opportunity Buy at Country Health Store Join/Order Options
Adrian Mathews - 503-212-4122 - Company Site - Back Office

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