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Who is Alexandria Brighton?

Alexandria Brighton is an Aromatherapy formulator, educator, and owner of the Brighton Institute of Botanical Studies with over 30 years of experience in the Ayurvedic Medicine, Aromatherapy, herbal, and natural remedy world.

She began her holistic alternative medicine career in the early 1970's when she participated in a study group led by Dr. Paul Wedel. Dr. Wedel was an oncologist and a true pioneer in the study of traditional and alternative medicine.
He was one of the first American doctors to introduce alternative medicine to the United States.

Dr. Wedel was studying with Dr. Hans Neiper,
a German oncologist who started the German Cancer Society.

In the early 1980's Alexandria started The Degenerative Disease Clinic in Mexico while using Dr. Wedel's methods. She continued her herbal education by completing Dr. Christopher's Herbal Medicine course. All this education led Alexandria to create her own herbal pharmacy.

The herbal pharmacy became an herbal supplement company, which then became a Multi-level Marketing company.

During this time Alexandria was given an herbal supplement that had a drop of an Essential Oil in it. This led Alexandria onto her Aromatherapy path. Alexandria searched for Essential Oil education and found it through French and English doctors.

Through the late 1980's Alexandria continued to run the Multi- level Marketing company from the United States all while forging ahead to create herbal supplements, herbal tinctures, herbal teas, and now Aromatherapy blends. It is during this time that Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, and Ayurvedic Medicine were starting to come into the United States.

Alexandria, Paula, and Ben guarantee all of our products will meet your standards because
they always meet ours! When purchasing any of our products you can take comfort in knowing
that we accept only the purest, cleanest, and minimally processed ingredients.

In the early 1990's Alexandria left the Multi-level Marketing company she had founded and once again started another company, focusing on the need for Essential Oil and herbal supplement education, and, most importantly, safety. At this point in addition to her herbal supplement blends, Alexandria had formulated over 100 different Aromatherapy blends. She was sourcing her Essential Oils from a French laboratory owned by a biochemist. It's during this time that Alexandria realized the importance of specific healing collections. She began creating Essential Oil and Ayurvedic Medicine classes with a focus on safety and treatment protocols.

In the mid to late 1990's Alexandria felt the need to be close to her aging mother so she closed her company and moved home to Idaho. Yet during this time, Alexandria was highly sought after for her innate ability to formulate therapeutic properties. She worked as a contracted formulator for Multi-level Marketing companies and natural based cosmetic, spa, and perfumery companies. Alexandria found the time to travel throughout Northern India and the Himalayas where she once again studied under medical doctors with a focus on Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Based upon Alexandria's unconditional belief and trust in Ben and Paula Scarcella, in 2012 they formed a partnership to offer Alexandria's formulas exclusively through goDésana, and later in early 2017, Heart & Body Naturals. The beautiful partnership of Alexandria Brighton with Paula and Ben has opened the door to her sourcing from artisan distillers allowing the expansion of her pristine-sourced Essential Oils and Ayurvedic Herbs.

The collaboration of Alexandria Brighton and Paula and Ben Scarcella ranks superior.
Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic Medicine has become the frontline of preventive healthcare.
The importance of aligning yourself with a reputable company and a prominent formulator
and educator is of the highest importance. Many lives have been, and will continue to be,
touched by Alexandria Brighton through her education, formulas, and friendship.

Personal Experiences with Alexandria Brighton

"Alexandria is one of my favorite people on the planet. I went to a class with her a couple of years ago, and found her to be genuine, kind, sincere, and very knowledgeable. She instilled in me a deep respect for her and her body of work. I was moved by the compassion she possesses for her fellow human beings and other sentient beings that share our planet. She was a person whose knowledge I could trust at a time when I was searching for truth in this field." Christina

"Four years ago this month I took my first class from Alexandria, and many classes since. I found Alexandria to be a very kind and extremely honest and transparent person of the highest integrity. Very generous & caring in sharing her wealth of knowledge gained from the decades of experiences and teachings from around the world where she traveled to learn and to where even some came to share with her at her kitchen table. A great, intuitive, generous, down-to-earth teacher." Randy

"For me, if there was ever anyone who you could just sit at their feet and take in all of their knowledge, wisdom, caring, kindness, and love, it would be Alexandria." Carol

"I have been blessed to attend several of Alexandria's trainings and she is an amazing woman who tells it like it is. She researches everything and you learn information from her that you are not going to learn from anyone else. She is absolutely amazing!" Lisa

"Integrity and trustworthy. Those are two of the words that come to my mind quickly when I think of Alexandria. She has taught us over the years to be truthful. If we don't have the answer, look it up. Don't just tell someone something because you think it may be correct. She has worked tirelessly over the past 8+ years to get good, safe training out to us. Thank you Alexandria!!" Carol

"Alexandria is amazing! Thank you, Alexandria, for your wisdom, integrity, and blessing/sharing/teaching us all with your knowledge for us to bless and share." Michelle

"I also met Alexandria in December 2009. What an amazing experience. When she walked to the front of the room, an aura surrounded her that was so powerful! I knew then that we were in the presence of a very special being. Always honoring her Divine Guidance and intuition, she has shared so many topics and all of her classes have all been packed with authentic knowledge honoring all of our bodies...physical, emotional, and spiritual. A special time was shared during a 2-year study of mentorship. Truly WOW sitting at her feet and absorbing every word. I have never met anyone with such thorough knowledge of all the systems of the body and relating to us which oils to use to promote wellness!" Evette

"I met Alexandria Brighton in December of 2009, and life has not been the same since. You have heard the saying "When the student is ready, the Teacher appears"? The life's journey on which we were departing was beginning to be revealed to us. Her huge heart and ability to meet a person where they are without judgement is very comforting. We were beginning at ground-zero with a new curriculum that was foreign to us. Her humble way of being made everyone feel comfortable. Over the years I've witnessed countless displays of her kindness to people, animals, and of course the plants... they all have a special reverence in Alexandria's world. Her vast inner knowing and the willingness to trust that has made her one of the most gifted and well respected authorities in the industry today. She gave me and others permission to blossom and thrive in the Essential Oil world. She walks her talk. Her 'talk' is seemingly without limit." Kathleen

"My life changed forever when I met Alexandria Brighton in December of 2009. Her teachings have been so valuable to myself and my family. This woman is such a kind, loving person that truly has a gift and the know-how to help people in learning to use Essentials Oils. I had the privilege of having her stay in my home in Oklahoma 2 years ago and then got to take a 10-hour road trip with her to Missouri for a chakra training. On this trip she was explaining to me how she had been working on a blend to help Paula stay well in the fall when she would have breathing problems. Alexandria explained to me that she had worked on this particular blend for a couple of days until she felt she had the correct components. I asked her "How do you blend like you do and know what oils to use?" Her comment to me was "I have guidance. It isn't me so much as I have inspiration." Wow, after knowing her for many years I truly believe that she does have divine guidance and is here to help us all with our health and also our emotional issues. I simply have to say that I love this woman and have attended every training she has ever offered if I possibly could. Alexandria is love, kindness, compassion, and truly a person of integrity." Jacquelyn

"I trained with Alexandria for a few years when I lived in Utah and she did many classes in Salt Lake City. I knew nothing about Essential Oils. She is a gifted teacher. She always made time to meet each person attending, answered questions, and just made learning so enjoyable. Those years training with her and meeting many lifelong "Oil Kindred Spirit Friends" are some of my best memories. Anyone able to meet her and learn from her is blessed! Her qualities are unique and one of a kind. As are her oils. An extraordinary woman." Leean.

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Adrian Mathews - 503-212-4122 - ID# 218318 - Company Site

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