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All Personal Experiences
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Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
HB Naturals is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of HB Naturals, but peoples personal experiences. 

Before I started using The Healing Trilogy, I was riddled with so many issues.

Pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, anger and many mood problems, just to name a few. The very first thing I noticed after my first shot was my energy level sky-rocketing. I spent all day cleaning my house and then I noticed that I wasn't in as much pain as I usually was, even after cleaning all day.

Since then my mood, anger, depression and anxiety has seemed to melt away plus so much more.
And the best part is, it is 100% natural. It is so amazing! Amy C

Results by tracking daily over last five months. Using: (Healing Trilogy and Nourish)
1. Blood pressure from 126 over 79 to 110 over 70 maintained within the first month, discontinued BP prescription.
2. Mental clarity from seven-eight to nine within ten days.
3. Nervous system (my custody of son court case) nine to a five.
4. Consistent energy with the increase. Six to a Nine.
5.Two prescriptions Losartan (blood thinner) discontinued
6. Clopidogrel (Anti-Platelet) No longer taking.
7. Nitroglycerin from weekly incidents to none last sixty days.
8. Antidepressant Doxepin no longer needed.

By tracking my results, would not have realized the significance of improvements. The old saying- “If don’t know where you have been how do you know where you are going? John M.

Hi everyone about 3 weeks ago we purchased the Healing Trilogy and Breath Essential Oil for our dad who has been suffering from a illness for awhile now and has been housebound on the oxygen machine.

Well what a massive improvement he sleeps well and gets up early and does a few chores yesterday he drove our mum into town the first time in about a year to get groceries he says he hasn't felt so good in ages the best thing is he got his funny side back I haven't heard my dad laugh for a long time.

This is more valuable than money and gold. Thank you HB Naturals this means a lot to us.
Chris H

"Before I started taking the Healing Trilogy I suffered with insomnia, high blood pressure, arthritic pain in my shoulders, knees and hands. I do a lot of building projects and the pain in my hands was so bad that I couldn't hold a screw normally in order to drive it into the wood. I also had very low patience and I would get angry all the time.

I got the products in the afternoon mail and drank the shots that night before bed. The first thing I noticed was I felt very peaceful and calm. The next morning I woke up after sleeping through the night! Wow! what a surprise, I haven't done that in several years. I couldn't believe how rested I was.

Since then, my blood pressure is in the normal range, my pain in my body is gone, I have tons of patience and I don't find myself getting angry like I used too.

The best part is that after visiting with my doctor, I no longer have to take medication for my blood pressure. I am pain free and I feel good everyday. I am a happy camper!" Randy J.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2005, for over 10 years Doctors have tried many drugs and drug combinations to help me to control my blood sugar. After not being able to get my blood sugar under control, last year my Doctor put me on Insulin. Even then, my blood sugar readings were still elevated in the 130s and 140s.

I started the Healing Trilogy on February 2nd and within 5 weeks my blood sugar readings had balanced out and remained around 108 and I was able to work with my Dr to get off Insulin on March 8th. It is really amazing how fast these products work. I have never experienced anything like this. Robert S.

Let me start by tell you about a few of the ailments that I suffer from on a daily basis. I have a severely herniated lower vertebrae that hits the nerves in my spine and causes my sciatic nerve to radiate pain.
I have fibromyalgia so I hurt everywhere pretty much all the time.

Over the last few weeks I have had a pain in the back of my left knee like I pulled the muscle and I have been limping. Plus I have been dealing with some asthmatic breathing issues that have had me at the doctors twice in one week. I have horrible anger, anxiety, and depression issues. With all of this put together it makes it really difficult to be a happy, productive person.

Now let's flip the coin!

I started the Trilogy Saturday afternoon. I had no energy but I had to clean my office. So I slowly started and before I knew it I was just cleaning away. After about 2 hrs I decided to sit for a minute, as I sat down I realized I didn't have that horrible pain in my knee any longer! And my body didn't hurt as bad as it usually did after trying to do something like that. Sure I still hurt a bit but when I sat down...better yet when I stood back up I didn't grunt in pain and have to take pain meds. I was amazed and so excited. 

Over the last few days it has reduced my pain by a lot. It is so much easier to get out of bed in the morning I almost hop right up instead of slowly moving and rolling myself out. My energy has skyrocketed. What I used to put off doing now I stop and do it right away. I spent an hour cleaning my garage Sunday; something I have put off for a very long time.

My breathing has gotten better, I don't feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest preventing me from getting air in.

My mood has improved greatly! I was able to tolerate my husband all weekend without sending him to his room. I didn't get angry at a bunch of little things and I laughed at his silliness more than usual. My anxiety and depression have lessoned and I feel happier and more able to deal with people. 

My memory and mind are becoming clearer. I was so focused on work on Monday that the day flew by! Awesomeness!! I find myself remembering easier and not feeling so stupid because I can't remember simple math or words for what I want to say.

My friends I started Saturday April 8th at about 3:30pm and I am writing this on April 11th. All of the amazing things I shared have happened over the last 3 and a half days! And every day I am noticing more and more.

I think that may be enough for this long post. I apologize about the length. I am just so excited about the products and their result. And I am excited to help others with any issues like mine. I want you to know what I dealt with and how much the products have helped me after just 3 days. I will keep updating as the awesomeness continues to happen. Happy healing everyone. Amy C

My Father:

I want to take a moment to share my dad's story. He is the reason I have a story in the first place. (He doesn't have a Facebook account so I will share for him.

It was interesting, I was at work like a normal Tuesday and I got a overwhelming feeling that I needed to call my dad. It was a good thing I did. He had an amazing story to share with me. He had started something called the Healing Trilogy and he wanted me to try it.

Let's start with some back story on my father. He is a 100% disabled veteran. While in the military he had to have operations on his feet and then he had to have operations to fix those operations. He has to buy special shoes just to walk and has been in a horrible amount of pain doing daily activities for as long as I can remember. But he always gets stuff done, usually in spite of the pain. But then has to deal with the repercussions after.

Now on to the awesomeness! He received his product on Saturday and started taking it on Sunday.
Over the last few days he had been experiencing a really bad pain in his ankle, which almost disappeared a couple hours after taking his first shot of the Healing Trilogy!

Over the last couple weeks he has experienced a huge reduction in over all pain and has increased energy. My dad also suffered from mood troubles with anger, depression, and anxiety. He reported to me just the other day that his mood has turned to the brighter side and that his depression and anxiety have improved as well.

The pain, energy, and mood issues are the big factors for my dad and the Healing Trilogy has helped with all three plus more! I am so happy to be able to share my dad's story with you and that I stopped working (don't tell my boss) to give him a call so that I could be a part of this awesomeness! I am so thankful that this product has been able to help my family and super excited to help so many more with the same issues. I want everyone to live the life they want and not have to deal with issues that keep them from that life. Especially since we know the Healing Trilogy has worked for so many!

Happy healing my friends! Amy C

"Before I started taking the Healing Trilogy, among a long list of health issues, the two worst were severe, chronic insomnia, and very painful, arthritic knees.

The day after I began the Trilogy, I was able to ride my bike up three fairly steep hills, pain-free!
I was so shocked that this could have happened, then Tanya explained that Alexandria formulated the products to reduce and eliminate inflammation.

Wow! Just a few days later, I started sleeping better and better, to the point that I now consider myself totally free of insomnia. Before I started taking the "shots," I had not had a good night's sleep since 1965!
I am totally sold on these wonderful, effective products, for they have given me my life back!" Pam S

UPDATE: I wrote a long story a couple of weeks ago, listing my ailments and how The Healing Trilogy has helped. Today I would like to write how I'm doing, 26 days in.

I began taking the Trilogy on March 31st. My two most serious issues, severe insomnia and bone-on-bone knee pain, have had major improvement, to the point where I am in total awe of this amazing product!

Insomnia: For the past 52 years, 0-3 hours per night. I am now sleeping 6 hours per night! For me...a miracle!

Knees: A former runner, severe pain, then 4 unsuccessful surgeries over 8 years, caused me to stop all physical activity in 1980. Must climb stairs and any incline, turned sideways, using only my right leg, one step at a time. As of today: Rode my bike up 3 steep hills without having to get off and walk up! As an experiment, yesterday I tried to walk up the 5 steps to my door, like a "normal" person. To my great surprise, I was able to do so, without pain! That is the first time in 37 years that I have been able to climb stairs!
Miracle #2! Feeling grateful, and very excited!
Pam S

Thank you Wanda C. for introducing me to HBN. I started with a 7 day trial pack. One of my biggest concerns was whether I could handle the taste. I thought I'd share the outcome thus far:
1) initially tried a shot glass each of body, soul and mind separately mixed with organic cold pressed juice. Very doable and could handle the taste.
2) then tried mixing body and soul together in the morning and Mind mid afternoon - got over the taste concern knowing HBN might be the best way to improve my health!
3) have definitely seen benefits with taking Mind. I have not been able to sleep well for the last 17 years. Though I still wake up at night, since taking Mind I am able to fall asleep quicker (even after waking up) and I am sleeping sound and I do wake up feeling rested!
4) I'm not quite sure how my body is reacting to/with Soul and Body yet, but if it's preventative, I'll go for it!
Su T.

My name is Ed G. I am 63 years old, am retired, and work part-time at a retail warehouse store. My wife Helen and I were introduced to H&B Naturals via a phone call with Tanya J. We’ve known Tanya and Randy for almost 25 years.

After the conversation with Tanya, we decided that Helen and I really needed the Healing Trilogy products to reduce inflammation and help with our state of mind and well being. So we became wholesale members. Although we were skeptical about how fast the product has worked for other people based on the testimonials we heard, we decided to order the 3 3’s option for buying the Healing Trilogy products due to the greatly reduced price as compared to buying the Healing Trilogy products one month at a time.

I wanted to give ourselves a 3 month supply of the products to make sure we gave ourselves enough time to see results before we even considered whether or not the product worked for us.

We received our products on Thursday 4/6/17 and started the healing products immediately. Helen and I are taking our Mind, Body and Soul product shots once a day in the morning.

I did not start noticing any difference until Sat 4/8/17. I started noticing that the stiffness in my hands and ankles started to diminish. On 4/9/17, I started noticing that I was less constipated. On the 4/10, I noticed less stiffness in my neck muscles.

I have been struggling with setting down my reading glasses for quite a while and having to retrace my steps to find them. Well, on 4/11, I started to see noticeable improvement in my short term memory. When I tried to think of where I left my glasses, the answer was immediate. I no longer have to retrace my steps to find them. How wonderful!

Around 3/28/17, I hurt my left shoulder while performing my job pulling appliances from the Receiving racks for next day customer deliveries. My shoulder and back muscles were aching badly. So for the 1st week, I would come home, jump in the jet tub, and apply some ICY Hot to my neck and shoulder to try to relieve the pain. After about a week, the pain in the back of my neck was gone, but I still had a residual issue where I would intermittently start having tingling down my left arm from my shoulder to my elbow.

I decided to file a workman’s comp claim and went to the doctor on Wed 4/12 to try to find out what was wrong with my shoulder. The doctor relieved my concerns that it was not a rotator cuff injury. Instead, I had somehow traumatized my left shoulder girdle (I didn’t shoulders had girdles –). The doctor said that the shoulder girdle is a fickle thing with many moving parts. Since I could not identify exactly how the injury occurred, it was hard to predict how long the residual nerve issue would last.

I told the doctor that I was taking the Healing Trilogy products and therefore did not need any anti inflammatory medication. I mentioned to the doctor that all 3 products have turmeric in them. He was aware that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.

By Friday 4/14, the residual nerve issue had disappeared completely. My shoulder is almost back to normal now. These are truly amazing products! I have been walking on the river walk in Idaho Falls infrequently over the last month. When Helen and I would do the river walk with her sister and brother-in law, it would take us about 45 minutes to complete.

Since I started on the Healing Trilogy products, I have so much more energy and stamina that I started doing the river walk daily. I clocked myself over the past when walking by myself with a time of ~34 ½ minutes. Today, I did the river walk in an amazing 31 minutes! I was blown away when I looked at my time! All I can say is that I will be taking the Healing Trilogy products for the rest of my life! Wow! Ed G.

Hi there, my name is Lynda and I want to share my experience so far in taking the Healing Trilogy Ayurvedic Superfood powders...I know this is lengthy; please stay with me... :D

For me it’s been three full weeks of complete abstinence of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications and replacing them with taking the Mind, Body and Soul Healing Trilogy products. Each morning I’ve made a commitment to taking these powders in an 8 oz. glass of very warm water and sip it as I would a strong herbal tea. I’m usually a get-up-and-hit-the first-cup-of strong coffee-person…just to start my day and shake off the morning “fog”. So, to postpone that first cup o’ coffee and create a new routine was something that I committed to doing. It was important to me to give this product a chance to possibly benefit me in the way I’ve read about from others' testimonials and have personally witnessed in my friend, Pam. To be be CLEAR, I still enjoy my morning coffee, just that I wait instead until about 45 minutes after I take my Healing Trilogy Mind, Body and Soul powder drink.

I began taking this product because it was a loving birthday gift from my friend, Pam. I’ve known Pam for very many years; yeah we’re talking a “Thelma and Louise” friendship of always backing one another up. Sadly though, throughout the years I’ve seen her struggle with so much body (especially her knees) pain and discomfort, as well as other issues that had eroded her dreams of biking and having fun. In two years I join her in retirement and we had made ambitious plans to explore rails-to-trails bike rides. Sadly though, with her chronic knee pain, diminished range of motion plus utter exhaustion and brain fog (from lack of even a minimum of adequate sleep), it seemed our plans might indefinitely be put on ice. So, This woman, Pam is the definition of STOIC; you have to understand, for her to even hint at ALL about her painful struggles, you had to know it was devastating. I KNOW her and I saw it…then I noticed THIS…

One day, out-of-the-blue in April I spent some time with Pam and noticed that she was walking about smoother, seeming more comfortable and looking better than I’d ever seen her look in terms of appearing rested. I observed this in her but didn’t say anything. It's been years of me asking her if she slept and her response always a defeated sigh and, “maybe a couple of hours…”. A week or so after my observation of the change in her and also literally out-of-the-blue, she sent me her testimonial about her experience taking this product. I exclaimed to her, “WHAT?!” “I NOTICED something different but didn’t want to “jinx it” by commenting, thinking it was just a miraculous “good day” for you!.” She responded to me, “I’m giving you a week of this product for your birthday if you’ll try it and really take it every day.” She knew that I had bad joint and knee pain too, as well as re-occurring feelings of depression.

Here is a short back-story of my journey dealing with chronic body inflammation resulting in pain and limited range-of-motion:

I’ve worked for 37 years in a physically demanding and very poor ergonomic work environment, which has resulted in elbow and shoulder tendonitis, a badly torn rotator cuff, carpal tunnel pain, neck and back pain, sciatic and knee pain so painful that I needed periodic cortisone injections. I have constantly worried that I may not make it to reach retirement in this job, but knew that I quite simply HAD to. It’s been painful and frightening. One doctor even commented to me, “you need to quit that industry and find another occupation that doesn’t hurt your body so much.” Yeah, right, Doc; and I am NOT a stoic person like my buddy, Pam. I complained fairly regularly about it to her and she patiently commiserated with me.

How did I cope with and attempt to alleviate the obvious inflammation within my joints? First; many years ago my rheumatologist prescribed a drug called Bextra, then when the FDA pulled that drug from the market, he handed me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory drug called Celebrex. That drug was prescribed with my doctor’s strong admonishment to limit it’s use because of the possible dangerous side affects. I found that very demoralizing, kind of like, “here is this amazing wonder drug that will make you feel so much better, but don’t take it very often it could kill ya…”. A defnite contradiction, RIGHT?

The co-pay became too expensive for me so I progressed to an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication every night (it hurts my stomach and I can only tolerate it at night). My MD eventually cautioned me to dial those back as much as possible since taking them over time can cause stomach ulcers and other dangerous side effects. I tried as much as possible to cut back but had pain and joint discomfort when I did. I’ve been on some type of anti-inflammatory medication for over 20 years. I HAD to take them or not be able to do the work that I do…or even enjoy some diminished joint pain during my down time.

Fast forward to three weeks (today) of never missing even one day of taking the Healing Trilogy products. The first thing that I noticed is that I found the taste and texture of these products (mixed into very warm water) as soothing and comforting. Maybe that’s because I already had seen my friend, Pam practically transform before my eyes. I realize that that sounds a bit much, but it is flat-out-true. Seeing is believing.
She is quite suddenly vibrant, looking rested and riding her recumbent trike uphill…HELLO??

My experience after about 3 days was that I occasionally noticed feeling a vague, very nice sensation of well-being. Ever the skeptic, I decided it was only because I’d slept better. It felt very nice, like an elevation of my mood. I wasn’t expecting that. Over the last three weeks I've been working at the same demanding job, and have not taken even one over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. None! I get up much easier every morning and complete my day. If someone would have predicted that I would or even think that I COULD stop taking Aleve and feel THIS good and productive I’d have scoffed and thought them clueless about my body/joint pain.

Am I saying that I no longer have any stiffness at all in my joints and back? NO, I’m not saying that.

I’m 64 and have age-related osteoarthritis; that is a fact. HOWEVER, I don’t have that deep throbbing pain that keeps me from moving about smoothly. I feel pretty good and don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs that hurt my poor stomach and possibly my liver, etc.

I’m OFF of the scary stuff!! I feel that my anxiety issues have greatly improved. I can hardly believe it?! I will say that I most certainly don’t EVER want to discontinue taking this product each day. It’s transformed my comfort and ability to do my work and play with a huge reduction in painful joint pain. It has reduced my body inflammation in a safe and natural way.

I AM SO GRATEFUL !!! TRY this you guys, see if it works for you the way it’s helped my friend Pam and others. And Me too. Lynda P

All Personal Experiences
Mind - Body - Soul - Nourish - Slimmer - Sesso Dolce - Essential Oils -

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
HB Naturals is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of HB Naturals, but peoples personal experiences. 

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