chronic inflammation or pain
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Heart and Body Naturals Organic Essential Oils - Blend Oils

hb naturals essential oils
Adult Wellness
Traditionally been found to be antibacterial and anti- viral. Use when you notice the first indications of a cold or flu. For over the age of 10 for daily preventative care.
hb naturals essential oils
Its earthy and uplifting scent comes from Alexandria's proprietary blend of Black Spruce, Frankincense, and Tanacetum Annuum
hb naturals essential oils
Is a blend with good decongestive effects,
and the power to make mucous more fluid. It can be used for inhalation in a diffuser or vaporizer.
hb naturals essential oils
This beautiful fragrance
helps one's nerves stay calm and supports a person emotionally to remain resolute in the desire to overcome addictive behaviors.
hb naturals essential oils
Naturally providing relief
 from indigestion, nausea, stomach cramps, food poisoning, and to assist
strengthening digestion.
hb naturals essential oils
Use this blend when increased mental alertness is required such as driving, studying for or taking tests. Use when you have mental work to do and
need extra concentration.
hb naturals essential oils
Is known to help the liver detox and also to regenerate
and rebuild liver cells.
It is important to protect the liver and to help it
detox when possible.
hb naturals essential oils
Kids Wellness
This blend was specifically formulated with essential
oils known for their antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-stimulant properties. At the same time,
it's gentle, non-toxic.
hb naturals essential oils
Lavender Ice
Headaches are a painful:
They may be caused by stress, eye strain,
allergies, sinus congestion, hormone imbalances, and many other causes
hb naturals essential oils
Prosperity in all its forms: increased opportunity, financial gain, abundant friends, increased health
and well-being. In ancient times considered more valuable than gold.

Heavy-duty antiseptic and a powerful energetic cleanser. Specific for accumulated negative or stagnant energy. Also used in the washing machine and dishwasher to prevent the spread of germs.
hb naturals essential oils
Still supports the
Root Chakra,
and can help relax
and quiet the mind,
body, and spirit while encouraging deeper,
more restful sleep.
hb naturals essential oils
Trauma Relief
Oils which are well documented for their ability to relieve pain, reduce swelling,
 and prevent bruising,
even in severe cases.

hb naturals essential oils
Tri Remedy
A natural antibiotic. In some studies, the essential oils in this blend have been shown to be as effective as penicillin

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Recipes From
The Stillroom
the Essential Oil
Recipe Book by
Alexandria Brighton.
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Adrian Mathews - 503-212-4122 - ID# 218318 - Company Site / Go Clean & Lean Weight Loss Challenge

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