chronic inflammation or pain
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Heart and Body Naturals Organic Essential Oils - Single Oils

hb naturals essential oils
Black Spruce
Supportive and
restorative to overworked or depleted adrenal glands. Aid for poor circulation. Strengthening and balancing to the nervous system, helps boost stamina.
hb naturals essential oils
It helps to prevent the spread of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and edema, in the lower limbs. It is a decongestant for prostate, veins, and the lymphatic system.
hb naturals essential oils
Eucalyptus Radiata
For the respiratory
system as it has good anticatarrhal properties.
It is a powerful expectorant and mucolytic with good ability for fluidification.
hb naturals essential oils
A study was able to
prove the effects on
joint pain. Has strong
anti-inflammatory properties that could make it a natural remedy for inflammation-rooted diseases.
hb naturals essential oils
Lavender Vera
An excellent tonic for the nervous system. It helps with headaches and migraines, anxiety, depression,
and emotional stress.
hb naturals essential oils
Considered the #1 Essential Oil to kill bacteria. Taking Lemon internally can provide cleansing and digestive benefits. The number one disinfectant for the air.
hb naturals essential oils
Contains antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial compounds making it effective in the treatment of gingivitis, colds and flu, and respiratory infections
hb naturals essential oils
Pink Grapefruit
Helpful in combating depression and fatigue.
Beneficial for the liver and a sluggish lymph system.
Has a unique "fat dissolving" characteristic and appetite reducing effects.
hb naturals essential oils
An excellent antiviral agent, particularly for flu.
Effective in cases of shingles and herpes.
It is a nerve tonic as well as a mental and physical stimulant; it revitalizes
hb naturals essential oils
Rose Geranium
Also has action on the spleen-pancreas; the oil may be used to assist the body with lethargy, diarrhea, and lymphatic congestion.
Known as a great balancer for women,
hb naturals essential oils
Sweet Marjoram
Relaxing, warming, and comforting. It helps to calm obsessive thinking, ease emotional craving, and promote the capacity
for inner self-nurturing.
hb naturals essential oils
Sweet Orange
Is one of the most valuable essences to use for digestive complaints including nausea and vomiting, especially of biliary-type; constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and possibly weight loss through its effect on fats.
hb naturals essential oils
Tea Tree
It is an excellent antifungal oil useful for cuts, pimples, and wounds, and as an inhalation for colds.
Has been found to be antibacterial, antiviral,
and antifungal.


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Adrian Mathews - 503-212-4122 - ID# 218318 - Company Site / Go Clean & Lean Weight Loss Challenge

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