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 New Life Sciences Compensation Plan

There are 7 Ways To Earn with New Life Sciences
  • 1) Retail and Preferred Customer Bonuses

  • 2) Fast Start Bonuses

  • 3) Star Builder Fast Start Bonuses

  • 4) Team Commissions

  • 5) Manager Power Team Generational Bonus

  • 6) Generational Power Team Matching Bonuses

  • 7) $500 Monthly Executive Director Bonus Plus Car & Home Allowances

01 Retail and Preferred Customer Bonuses

You earn a retail sales bonus on direct sales to non-affiliate customers. If a retail customer enrolls on a monthly auto purchase they become a "Preferred Customer", and get a discount on their future product purchases.

You earn a retail sales bonus on direct sales to non-affiliate customers based on sales of on-hand personal inventory.

Example: On a product with an $89.95 retail price,
With an Affiliate wholesale cost of $59.95,
You would earn the $30.00 difference on every purchase they make.

02 Fast Start Bonuses

When selling a starter package there is a direct sales bonus from $10.00 to $80.00+ .
You will earn this direct sales bonus as a new distributor.

The Fast start bonuses on these promotional packages are:
1. The $199.95 Silver Starter Package has a       $30.00 Fast Start Bonus
2. The $299.95 Gold Starter Package has a         $40.00 Fast Start Bonus
3. The $499.95 Platinum Starter Package has an $80.00 Fast Start Bonus

03 Star Builder Fast Start Bonuses

If you become a Star Builder by making 3 personal $199.00 or greater sales
on each leg in your first 20 days you will receive a $100 bonus.

04 Team Commissions

Team Commissions are one of the major income streams of the New Life Sciences compensation plan. You generate volume through your down line organizations sales. You start by developing 2 teams, a "Left-side" team and a "Right-side" team.

  • 1) First orders and starter packages place 100% of the points in the binary.

  • 2) Reorders place points in both the binary and the Power Team portion of the plan.

How does a binary plan work?
A typical 2 team binary plan has 2 legs that each build down in a straight line. It looks like an inverted "V" . Now, when you place your first 2 members, let's say you put Joe on your Left-side team and Fay on your Right-side team. Since Joe is the first person on your left, the next person you place on your left will fall to the bottom left position. This means when you enrolled person number 3 on your left, Joe is already there taking your first position on the left so person number 3 will fall to the bottom left under Joe, on Joe's left side.

Both you and Joe will receive volume on your left team. The volume will actually go up line and be placed on each person until it reaches you. So, imagine if you had 50 people in a straight line down your left team and you enroll Sandra on your left, Sandra will go to the bottom left position on that leg. Now, let's assume she ordered a 200-point volume sale, each of the 50 people above her, including yourself, will receive 200 points on your left counter. Now this is really cool, when Sandra brings in people, both sides of Sandra legs count as volume for your left team. Your right side builds in the same fashion.

A simple way to look at it is like the old scales of justice. All of the volume on the left fills the left half of the scale, and all the volume down on the right, fills the right half of the scale. You are paid every time there is enough volume on each side to trigger a cycle.

We have a "200-point smaller leg" and "300-point larger leg" team cycle that pays $20.00 per cycle. You can increase the pay of your first 100 weekly cycles from $20.00 to $24.00, then to $27.00, depending on your Rank (you start at $20.00 per cycle, Executive Directors receive $24.00 per cycle, and Presidential Directors receive $27 per cycle).


Let us assume you had 1700 points on your left team and 1250 points on your right team, that would be enough volume for 5 cycles for a total combined personal income of 5 cycles X $20 to $27 per cycle = $100.00 to $135.00, depending on your Rank.

So, for the 5 cycles, the system would remove 1,000 points from the smaller right team (5 x 200 = 1000) and 1,500 points from the larger left team (5 x 300 = 1500), with a leftover volume of 250 points on smaller left team and 200 points on the larger right team remaining towards your next cycle.

Note: There is a $15,000 weekly income cap per binary center, however, you can earn additional centers as you promote. There is also a 50% cap on the companywide cycle to binary Business Volume payout.

05 Power Team Generational Bonus

The Manager Power Team Generational Bonus is an industry breakthrough and allows you to benefit on the sales of your stronger 2 Team leg. The Power Team leg, which can vary weekly, is the leg (Left or Right) with the most new weekly Power Team volume. Sales that are on your stronger volume 2-team leg pay you on this portion of the compensation plan. This bonus turns your larger volume 2-Team leg into a giant compressed unilevel with leadership matches!

So, as a Manager or above, when a sale is made on your larger team you get paid 2% of the Power Team volume on each generation you are qualified to earn on, up to 7 Manager generations. The generations are made up of each group underneath a Distributor that reaches the rank of Manager.

The 3 Level skip pays you deeper into the compensation plan, and this is important to understand. The Generational bonus DOES NOT begin on your first level. This bonus begins paying you 3 levels down on active sales in your larger weekly Power Team volume leg. This makes the bonus so much more powerful because it starts 3 levels down, and that means it is always picking up 3 levels beneath each Manager generation.

So, if you we're eligible to be paid on 7 Manager generations, you would end up earning this bonus from your 3rd level to include each and every sale down to 3 levels under your 7th generation Manager in that leg. Yes, this also includes spillover!

Managers earn 2% on Power Team sales from generations 1 through 4.
Directors earn 2% on generations 5 and 6.
Executive Directors earn 2% on generation 7.

As you can see, becoming a Manager as soon as possible is important, because it opens up the entire compensation plan.

Qualifications to become a Manager

Be on either a 100 combined personal point auto purchase OR generate 120 combined personal points in personal non-distributor sales volume.

Have 3 personally enrolled active sales on your left team and 3 personally enrolled active sales on your right team.

Have 2,500 points in line of sponsorship team volume (40% leg rule applies, which means up to 1,000 points, of the required 2,500, from any one line of sponsorship counts toward your required volume).

06 Generational Power Team Matching Bonuses

In addition to earning Power Team Bonuses on your larger volume leg, Managers will also earn matching bonuses on the Power Team earnings on their line of sponsorship Managers, up to 7 Manager generations.

Additionally, Directors can earn an additional Power Team income match on all Managers in their line of sponsorship, up to 7 Director generations.

Yes, that means a Director will earn both the 20% Manager matching bonus plus the 10% Director matching bonus on their 1st generation Manager groups for a total combined match of 30%. Where there is this overlap, you earn both bonuses on the same people. Generation 2 Director overlap makes the combined total up to a 40% matching bonus!

Even more exciting, this bonus will also match the manager Power Team income of members on your smaller volume leg which creates even more incentive.

07 Lifestyle, Car and Home Allowances

The most powerful Lifestyle program in the industry!

$500.00 Monthly Lifestyle Payment Become an Executive Director and earn a $500.00 bonus each month qualified.

$600.00 Car Payment*
Develop 3 Executive Directors in separate lines of sponsorship and we will cover your car payment up to $600.00 per month.

$800.00 Wrapped Car Payment*
If you have the vehicle wrapped in New Life Sciences body wrap, we will pay $1,000 towards the cost of the wrap and cover your vehicle payment up to $800.00 per month.

$3,000.00 Home and Car Payment*
Help 3 personally enrolled members qualify for the car allowance and we will give you an additional $2,200.00 monthly towards your mortgage or rent payment ($3,000 combined)

$6,000.00 Luxury Home and Exotic Car Payment*
Help 3 more personally enrolled members (for a total of 6) qualify for the car allowance and we will give you an additional $6,000.00 monthly towards your mortgage and exotic car payment.

*Just utilize New Life Sciences License Plate frames and have a New Life Sciences rear window logo. These allowances are paid monthly based on prior months' qualification. The Company will cover these payments up to the amount stated. If you do not want to utilize this bonus for a vehicle or home, you can take 1/2 of the stated amount as a monthly cash bonus.


All bonuses other than the monthly car allowances are paid out weekly. Pay cutoff is Friday 11:59 PM Pacific Time and pays the 2nd Wednesday from the cutoff (1 and a half weeks in arrears).

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Earning and/or income statements made by New Life Science and/or affiliates are estimates of what someone can possibly earn.
There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and earnings and income statements differ by individual.
The examples are not to be interpreted as any guarantee, promise, representation and/or assurance.

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