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CELLUVATION Gel #4 Dulciss (4 oz 114 grams)

Gel No 4 Dulciss has the frequency of Testosterone, Ketone, Oxaloacetate Acid.

celluvation dulciss gel

Benefits of Testosterone

  • Thyroid Upregulation
  • Creates new neuropathways in the brain
  • Improves brainpower and cognitive function
  • It helps remove synaptic gunk
  • Helps to improve insulin sensitivity
  •  It upregulates the production of ATP (cellular energy)
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Slows down that aging process
  • Testosterone is lipolytic (elimination of fat)
  • It is cardioprotective, as cardiovascular issues are normally due to a shortage or a deficiency of testosterone
  • Testosterone suppresses inflammation
  • Testosterone is the lifeblood molecule of human biological systems. Optimized levels of testosterone produce all kinds of amazing biological benefits and therapeutic benefits for men and women.

Directions: Apply to skin as needed. For external cosmetic skin use only.

Ingredients: 20 ppm silver solution (deionized water, silver), triethanolamine and carbomer. BPA Free

Benefits of Ketones:

  • Ketones are molecules that your cells and brain happily use as fuel in the absence of glucose.
  • Our brains prefer to burn ketones instead of glucose.
  • Ketones add a brain stabilizing effect.
  • Ketones shift your neurological pathways in your brain, they are shifting brain energy metabolism, it’s shifting the glutamate to gaba ratio. Glutamate is a powerful excitatory neurotransmitter that is released by nerve cells in the brain. It is responsible for sending signals between nerve cells, and under normal conditions it plays an important role in learning and memory. Gamma aminobutyric acid and (GABA) for short is considered an inhibitory neurotransmitter because it blocks, or inhibits, certain brain signals and decreases activity in your nervous system.
  • Ketones can lower inflammation of the joints.
  • Have a calming effect on the person’s disposition.
  • Ketones in your nervous system have an anti=convulsant effect in the case of people who have seizures.
  • There was a study of the heart were ketones were found to be a superior source of fuel compared to glucose.
  • This using of Ketones also accelerates the production of neuro-transmitter systems in the brain.

Benefits of Oxaloacetate Acid:

  • Diabetics blood sugar decreased by 24% with a Japanese study
  • Blood sugar % swing decreased by 55% during a 75 day study
  • Helps protect against Mercury and Aluminum toxicity and Cyanide Poisoning
  • Increase cellular energy (ATP)
  • Increase muscle endurance by 10%
  • Decrease plaque in the brain
  • Reduces neurological damage from stoke
  • Is a potent antioxidant

For the best results, you want to apply Gel Nᵒ4 Dulciss on the Liver Channel and on the Pericardium Channel.
The Liver Channel runs from your inner knee to your groin. The Pericardium Channel runs from your inner side of your middle finger, all the way up your inner arm, then across the upper part of your chest.

Home Products Science Testimonies Videos Company Opportunity Order Options
Adrian Mathews - 503-353-8968 -  Company Site

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