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CELLUVATION Gel #2 Face (4 oz 114 grams)

Gel No 2 Face has the frequency of CHG

celluvation face gel

Cellular Hydration Gel No2 (CHG No2) contains the frequency of a complete 191 amino acid spectrums which are key and play a vital role in maintaining skin’s ideal levels of hydration and integrity. Amino acids do this by acting as "conduits," working with proteins that are in skin, known as aquaporins. Amino acids help aquaporins transport water throughout the skin’s layers, allowing the skin to become more hydrated. An added benefit of a complete amino acid spectrum is that it may also strengthen the skin's natural defense, aid in reduction of inflammation and assist in repair to encourage a more youthful appearance.

Directions: Apply to skin as needed. For external cosmetic skin use only.

Ingredients: 20 ppm silver solution (deionized water, silver), triethanolamine and carbomer. BPA Free

A few Testimonies

Gel No 2, No 3, YOUTH Crystals

I Have been using the #3 gel in the am and the #2 gel on my face in the pm. My skin is much more hydrated in the am just after 3 days. Used to wake up in the night with dry scratchy skin. Unbelievable that I can tell the moisture difference so soon. Dr Sally has me starting on the coffee next and I am up to 2 scoops of YOUTH in the evenings. Thank You for amazing products. - Roslyn M., Flagler Beach, FL

Gel No 2 Face

“Gels are a product for external use and the results appear visually, even in the first days.

A partner in the Ukrainе used for TWO days applied to her face the anti-aging Gel No. 2. According to the leader of the group Evetta Forova and Elena Kalashnik, on the third day there is already a visible initial result. The skin of the face became noticeably smooth and elastic.” - Svetlana O. Zaporizhia, UKRAINE

Gel No 2 Face & YOUTH Crystals

celluvation crystals and hgh gels

Audrone O., Ghatham, Kent, GB

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Home Products Science Testimonies Videos Company Opportunity Order Options
Adrian Mathews - 503-353-8968 -  Company Site

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