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Celluvation Frequency Health Products

celluvation youth crystals
Youth Crystals
Frequency of Glutathione,
Hydrogen, CHG, Vitamin C,
Collagen, Elastin and
Infra Red, Oxaloacetate Acid

celluvation brain crystals
Brain Crystals
Frequency of  Hydrogen,
Infra Red, Serotonin, Dopamine.
Geared towards learning,
memory, recall, and focus.

celluvation energy crystals
Energy Crystals
Hydrogen, Infra Red,
Anti EMF and RF frequency
the same you find on
cell phone protectors. 

Aalare Bracelet
Protection from EMF, RF and 5G,
and is the same frequency
 technology that is currently used
in the Celluvation Crystals and Gels.

Celluvation Gummy Bears
infused with the frequency
of Policosanol.
Helps to restore your body
back to where it should be,
functioning optimally.

Epicas YOUTH Collagen Coffee
First ever YOUTH Frequency
coffee, who would not want
to drink coffee that makes
you look younger.

celluvation coffee
Celluvation Ketone Coffee+
Enhanced with Proprietary
Frequency Wave Force
of Ketones, Far Infrared,
Hydrogen, Glutathione & B12
celluvation body gel
Gel No 1 Body
Has the frequency
of CBD has been
found to activate the
system in the body.
celluvation face gel
Gel No 2 Face
Has the frequency
of CHG activates the
Pituitary Gland to help
produce more CHG
Cellular Hydration frequency
of a complete 191 amino acids.

celluvation orno gel
Gel No 3 Orno
Has the frequency that
helps to activate Stem Cells
 celluvation dulciss gel
Gel No 4 Dulciss
Has the frequency
of Testosterone,
Ketone, Oxaloacetate Acid.
celluvation dulciss gel
Gel No 5 PCN
It is an all purpose Gel that
supposed to reset the genome.
One can perhaps expect a
detox/healing crisis to happen
from the data on policosanol
and its effect on the body.
Home Products Science Testimonies Videos Company Opportunity Order Options
Adrian Mathews - 503-353-8968 -  Company Site

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