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No other Company is doing what we are!
75% payout on the dollar, 50% matching bonuses and 5 generations of 10% matches,
Lifestyle bonuses, car bonuses with just 20 people on your team, call center, paying per pound lost,
amazing products to help with weight loss, energy, heart disease, diabetes, pain, etc.
A sustainable business model, based on repeat sales and real products used by customers.

Start Making Money Right Away,
And Earn A $500 - $1000 Monthly Car or Lifestyle Bonus!

Industry-Leading Bonuses and Prizes

Our industry-leading compensation plan further rewards LurraLife Associates for their dedication and achievement through additional bonuses and prizes. As you share the LurraLife products and/or opportunity with others, these lucrative bonuses can create a significant amount of additional income.

Retail Sales
You get paid 50% of the CV every time a Retail Customer purchases a product from you.
For example, a USD $59.95 purchase has 40CV, so that Retail Customer Bonus would be USD $20.
And you are paid that on every product they buy from you. Note: You receive a personalized, professionally designed retail website for FREE when you join LurraLife. Plus, you get an online business management system for sales tracking, order management, and account record keeping.

New Sign-Ups
You also get paid 30% of the CV on the first order of all Associates that you personally enroll in LurraLife. For example, a USD $59.95 order has 40CV, so that Fast Start Bonus would be USD $12. Plus, whenever anyone visits your LurraLife site and signs up, they are automatically placed on your team. And when you upgrade your subscription to "Active", you get additional marketing systems to attract even more prospects.

Recognition Prizes & Bonuses
Plus, as you advance in the ranks, you earn recognition, gear, trips, and monthly lifestyle and car bonuses. We're looking forward to seeing YOUR NAME on that list of top performers very soon!

The Power of Teams: Two Team Pay

Making money with your own LurraLife home-based business is simple due to the power of our Two Team plan. You only need to focus on one thing: Be an Active Associate yourself, then sign up two other Active Associates (placing one on each of your teams), and then just teach them to do the same thing.
Get 2, teach 2... it doesn't get any easier than that.

In this simple but powerful plan, you have a team on your left side and a team on your right side.
As you personally introduce others to LurraLife, you can sign them up in either of your teams.
New associates can also be placed on your teams for you by your Sponsor (or other associates above you) in addition to the efforts of those associates below you in your organization.

As soon as you become a LurraLife Associate, you earn up to 10%* of the balanced Commissionable Volume (CV) generated by the associates in your two teams, with volume calculated to infinity and with no cycles.

The Two Team Pay is calculated and paid out to you weekly. And the extra CV that you are not paid on from your larger volume team carries over to the next week as long as you maintain the rank of One Star or higher. (So, it pays to stay active...and to teach your team to stay active too. It's really that simple.)

Even better, the leveraging power of our Two Team plan doesn't end there. Not only are you rewarded for introducing others to the business and helping them succeed, it applies to everyone on your team.
So, the more Associates you help join LurraLife, the more opportunities you all have to grow your incomes.

Plus, as your teams grow, your income increases substantially. With our systems and training, it's doesn't take long before you can be making a great part-time or full-time income in your spare time. The key to success is simply sharing the LurraLife products and home-based business opportunity with others.

Matching Bonuses: Personal and Generational

Matching Bonuses: Personal and Generational The LurraLife Matching Bonuses program allows you to earn two different powerful matching bonuses on the Two Team Pay earned by Associates in your Sponsorship Organization. Note: Match is based on the Two Team Pay only.

First as soon as you become a One Star Associate, you start getting paid a 50% weekly check match on the collective Two Team Pay earned weekly by all of your personally sponsored team members. As shown in the example to the right, as you build your team, your earning potential skyrockets rapidly.

Second, once you reach the rank of Two Star, you also get a 10% weekly check match paid on up to five generations of Two Star Associates (or higher rank) in your Sponsorship Organization. This match can create a significant amount of additional income each week in your LurraLife business since a generation can represent large groups of associates as shown in the example below.

In addition to the Two Team structure, all your personally sponsored associates are also part of your Sponsorship Organization. In your Sponsorship Organization, the Associates you personally sponsor are placed on your first level (with unlimited horizontal expansion potential). And all the Associates they personally sponsor are placed on your second level...and so on.

For the generational weekly check match, the start of a generation is recognized when an Associate in your Sponsorship Organization has reached the rank of Two Star or higher during a weekly pay period. The match includes all Associates below them in that team leg of your Sponsorship Organization until the tracking system encounters another Ass ociate in the same team leg who is also at the Two Star rank or higher. That Associate would then start your next generation.

Start Making Money Right Away:
Sign Up for a Free Subscription

You have limitless potential with a LurraLife home-based business. It's completely free to join.
Plus, you can earn commissions and bonuses without having to personally buy any products.

  • NO registration fees and NO annual fees.

  • NO requirement to purchase a start-up package.

  • NO need to buy product every month to earn commissions.

  • NO paying money every month for marketing systems.

  • NO leadership levels that only reward a few top performers.

  • NO tricky qualifications to restrict your earnings.

When a person joins LurraLife, they are automatically given a free subscription. They also get a professional business marketing system at no cost and can start making money right away.

  • Professional website for retail sales: Earn 50% of the CV (commissionable volume) on every retail purchase from your site (Retail Customer Bonus).

  • Team building from online sigh-ups: When a person visits your site and signs up, they become part of your team. Plus, you get 30% of the CV on their first order (Fast Start Bonus).

  • Complete online business management system for sales tracking, order management, e-wallet account records, reporting tools, and customer support.

  • Free marketing and building business resources, videos, training, and support from LurraLife.

Once you start getting product orders, your subscription status automatically changes to "Active". You become and remain an Active Associate by having:

  • A minimum of 2 Retail Customer product purchases (any size) each month.

  • Or a personal monthly product order (any CV)

PLUS, you can earn additional income as you grow your team. Once you have sponsored 2 other Active Associates (one on each of your Two Teams) and have at least 15CV coming in...

  • start earning up to 10%* of the balanced CV generated by your teams every week (Two Team Pay).(*Actual individual Two Team payouts average between 8%-10%; and the maximum Two Team Pay is $20,000 per week.)

  • ...and you get paid a 50% weekly check match on the Two Team Pay earned by all of your personally sponsored team members (Matching Bonus on Personals).

Maximize Your Earning Potential:
Upgrade Your Subscription

While you can earn income with a free subscription, upgrading to "Active" gives you added benefits and major advantages. You get special deals and wholesale pricing on LurraLife products and the Premium Marketing System. Plus, you earn additional bonuses and recognition as you advance higher in the ranks.

You get these extra resources for FREE as part of the LurraLife Premium Marketing System:

  • Everything included in the free marketing system PLUS...

  • Dedicated Call Center that your customers and leads can call to get assistance and information.

  • Call Center staff who take your calls, present to your prospects, and sign them up in your team.

  • Online sales funnel websites, including professionally developed lead capture pages and videos.

  • Automated follow-up emails sent to everyone who comes through your lead capture pages.

  • Contact Management System Lead Program of people in the USA looking for a home-based business

This marketing system is a HUGE benefit and is included at NO additional cost when you upgrade your subscription to "Active". Most companies charge their associates large fees for marketing systems that do not offer as many valuable features as LurraLife's Premium Marketing System.

As a LurraLife Active Associate, you have a professional, in-house Company Call Center at your fingertips. The trained staff are there to answer your prospects questions, take their orders, and close your sales.
The Call Center does the work, and YOU get 100% of the commissions.

Home Products Testimonies Company Rewards Plan Order Options
Adrian Mathews (503) 212-4122Company Site

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