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June 26th, 2019

Exciting News! Big things are happening for LurraLife over the next two months.

Two new products
New sample packs
New walking program
New back office system
Plus, new membership fee

Two new products - LurraFit Coffee and LurraFit capsules - will be officially launching for retail sales in July. And within a few weeks, our 5-Day Kick Start Sample Pack will be available for sale as well. Plus, we have a monthly product pack in the works...details coming soon!

Then, in August we'll be launching an industry-first FREE walking program and app that will reward you with free swag and product simply for walking each day! As a member, you’ll get our special app to track your steps and get to participate in fun company-wide challenges. Plus, every step you take will earn you Fitbucks to redeem for awesome prizes at our My 10k Life Rewards Store. We are so excited for you to experience the My 10K Life program...you’ll get fit, have fun, and get fantastic prizes...all free as a LurraLife member!

PLUS, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re getting a whole new Back Office! The upgraded system will have a fresh, clean look and be super simple to use! It will have more powerful tools to better support our members in managing and growing their businesses AND provide an improved customer experience for distributors, customers, and leaders in the field. You’re going to love the enhanced team and customer management; user-friendly interface and intuitive reporting; and streamlined ordering system. It will greatly boost productivity and efficiency...so you’ll have more time to spend outside in nature with your loved ones.

Lastly, and very importantly, just a reminder that July is the LAST month for free sign-ups. Starting August 1st, there will be a small annual membership fee ($29.99/year) for all new LurraLife members (who want to participate in the compensation plan and walking program; does not apply to retail customers).
Everyone already in and anyone who signs up by then will be grandfathered in and never pay any membership or annual fee for the rest of their tenure with LurraLife as long as they stay Active and have a monthly autoship order.
So NOW is the time to build fast and get people in before the new membership fee goes into place.

The new membership fee is being implemented to help offset the costs of all our member and customer programs and services while keeping the corporate office lean. It will enable us to continue to have one of the highest paying compensation plans in the industry while providing some really fantastic systems to help you grow your business, get in the best shape of your life, as well as develop our company’s culture, reward members, and hold events.

Plus, LurraLife will continue to...

Pay up to $10 per pound lost for everyone who does our 90-Day Healthy Living Challenge.
Reward members with bonuses, trips, and gear, including monthly Car and Lifestyle Bonuses.
And, donate one meal for every product purchased to help feed hungry families through our Meals of Hope partnership.

... All of which are beyond what is being paid out as commissions to members.

From our all-natural health products to our active lifestyle culture and programs, everything we do is to empower you and ensure you can reach your lifestyle goals...mind, body, and spirit.
Take advantage of the opportunity in front of you, so it can have a real impact on your life!

Home Products Testimonies Company Rewards Plan Order Options
Adrian Mathews (503) 212-4122Company Site

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