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Celluvation Gummy Bears

1 Order Contains 60 Gummy Bears

Celluvation Gummy Bears have been infused with the frequency of Policosanol. Policosanol is an ancient molecule that carries an original blueprint that helps to restore your body back to where it should be, functioning optimally. Here are some known clinical trial effects of Policosanol.

  • Pain Management
  • Blood Pressure Reduction
  • LDL and Heart Disease related events reduced
  • Appetite Suppression

celluvation gummy bear results

I have been taking the maximum amount of a very powerful pain killer that I could per week for the last 15+ years to manage my severe back pain. Out of a pain scale of 1 to 10, it was at 1,000. My pain killer contains an opioid (narcotic). I consumed some Celluvation Gummy Bears before going to bed on November 19th. The following morning, I did not need to take my pain killer; and I was able to do the dishes by myself. For the last 7+ days I have eaten a few Gummy Bears per-day and I have not taken any of my pain killer. I am able to have a normal life again! - Richard, CA

I had a right arm that was inflamed and in pain. I took 1 Celluvation Gummy Bear and ten minutes later my arm was no longer in pain. - Naki, Utah

I had trouble walking and running. I took 3 Celluvation Gummy Bears and 10 minutes later I was able to run around my building. - Luke, Utah

Day 1

I took 3 Gummy Bears in the evening. They muscle tested well on my wife Andrea and myself. First when I started to chew the Gummy Bears my mental clarity went up immediately and things just looked brighter. I had some pain reduction in my right leg but not much.

Day 2

I took three Gummies Bears in the morning first thing before my walk. Still only slight pain reduction. I was kind of disappointed that second day in that it seems other people got pretty fast results and I was still in pain in my hamstrings. Took another 2 in the afternoon and 2 more after supper, so in all 7 that day. After watching some TV, I went upstairs to bed and started to change out of my day clothes into my night clothes. I lifted up my right leg to take my sock off and I was very surprised I could lift my entire leg off the ground while balancing on my left leg. The surprising thing was that my thigh was level with the floor. For the last year I have had extremely tight hamstrings which prevented that amount of leg lift without pain to the hamstrings. Before I could maybe lift my thigh to a 45 degrees angle in relation to the floor and that is all as my hamstrings were that tight all the time and they would not release.

To me this was important to handle so in order to do so I have had a nerve induction test for my spinal column that produced the result that there was no nerve interference at all, ex-rays on my knee showed minor arthritis and just last week I had an MRI on my knee, which I am waiting for the results. I have done Epsom salt baths, daily increased my magnesium and nothing that I could throw at it produced this result as did a bunch of innocent looking Gummy Bears. I am stoked about the result! I expected maybe something happening after thirty days of use perhaps, as this is a normal amount of time for any product to work, but this product is anything but normal!

Day 3

I can still lift my leg up to where my thigh is level with the floor. Today I had the best walk up the mountain with energy and good use of my legs, that I have had in over one year. I felt power in them. Didn’t even feel winded like usual, at the top. Gummy on!! Keep you posted.
- Steve, San Diego, CA

Home Products Science Testimonies Videos Company Opportunity Order Options
Adrian Mathews - 503-353-8968 -  Company Site

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